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The do's and dont's of moving a blended family together under one roof

One day before my husband said "I do," we moved the final boxes into our new home. 

When we should have been celebrating the our upcoming nuptials, we instead found ourselves overwhelmed and arguing about the chaotic state of the house, while also scrambling to pack for our honeymoon. Together, we learned a lot throughout the entire experience. To learn more about what I wish we would have and would not have done, visit the full article on

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Why is it so hard to get rid of toys?

The last time my child rode his Big Wheel bike was nearly five years ago. If he tried to sit in it now, he would get stuck.

And yet it sits in our garage — huge and chunky — waiting for no one.

In fact, our garage has become a mausoleum of toys and clothes from days gone by. They're physical reminders of time; items I can't bring myself to get rid of.

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It's Ok if you can't be at every one of your kids events: They'll be fine

Trying to manage the kids’ activities is like trying to juggle while riding the spinning teacups at Disneyland.

In my house, we have three kids within a range of two years. Like a lot of families today, our children might be categorized as “over-programmed."

Most weeks we find ourselves running between competition dance, baseball, basketball, golf (or whatever sport is in season) and piano lessons. We'll even occasionally throw in in a showcase, performance or science fair at school.

We try to monitor this, but frequently an extra lesson or an extra team sneaks in here and there. And, unfortunately, there are just times where events overlap — or we can’t shuffle work around to be somewhere at 3 p.m. on a Tuesday — and we miss their event.

I feel the pang of guilt every time this happens.

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Step Mom By Design: My first Momaha post!

I am a stepmother and, if I'm being honest, it's not something I ever dreamed of being. I don't think any stepmom does.

As a young child, I didn't carry around my baby doll pretending I was its second mother. We don't dream of being a stepmom in the same way we dream of being moms. In our dreams, we're the mom our children know first; the only mom they'll ever come to love. We don't dream of being second. Being a stepmom means someone's first dream has ended in heartache.

But here I am — grateful to be a stepmom by design.

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My New Last Name

For months I stood on my soapbox saying, "My name is my name. If I want to be known as Jessica Lacey Flamingo-Hedgehog, then that is my choice." We all had lots of laughs about the idea of business cards that read "Flamingo-Hedgehog." That name is still unanimously approved by my husband and kids to this day.

I have agonized over this last name situation almost as much as I agonized over choosing my son's name.

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Spit parenting this summer? Here's how I plan to get through it.

Nineties rap blares on the radio as the air conditioning blasts against the new summer heat. Chip and snack cake wrappers litter the front seat. Is this a scene from an idyllic teenage summer?

Nope. It's just me — a bewildered mom — sitting kid-less in a Walmart parking lot after work, not knowing what to do with myself while my son is with his dad…

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