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Becoming a stepparent has forever changed what I thought I knew about parenting

In June 2018, I went from being the mom of an only child to the parent of three kids — my son and my husband’s two daughters.

I knew early into the relationship with my husband that not only was he the right one, but that his girls were the right ones, too. I had a deep love for all of them. What I didn’t have a clue about was how hard all of this would be for me to adapt to. While we have been incredibly fortunate — the kids have all bonded beautifully — there’s no “What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Whole New Family.”

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My New Last Name

For months I stood on my soapbox saying, "My name is my name. If I want to be known as Jessica Lacey Flamingo-Hedgehog, then that is my choice." We all had lots of laughs about the idea of business cards that read "Flamingo-Hedgehog." That name is still unanimously approved by my husband and kids to this day.

I have agonized over this last name situation almost as much as I agonized over choosing my son's name.

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