Who Is Jess?

Writing this blog feels a little like standing naked in Times Square. Or so they say. I wouldn’t know. Let me try again…

This feels a little like posting a make-up free selfie on Instagram. Yep. That’s it. But worse.

I’m Jess. Mom to the best kid in the entire world. Step-mom to the best step-daughters ever made. Wife to a truly amazing husband, who isn’t worried at all that I might be going a bit crazy by sharing our story with the world.

I’m a highly caffeinated working professional. My days are packed with meetings, important decisions, and responsibilities. And then I come home to the second part of my day that is equally full with ninja class, baseball practice, dance classes, making dinner, doing laundry, walking Ginger (my bestest friend), and trying to hold it all together.

So, why am I writing a blog? The answer is simple and complex. Being a step-mom (and a mom) is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And I had no idea (have no idea) what I’m doing on a daily basis. I didn’t have any models for how this should work. I read a few books - which were terrible and scary. I’ve prayed, I’ve Googled, I’ve vented, I’ve cried. I’ve struggled almost every single day to try and figure this out, all while feeling very alone and a little invisible in this new role. So I’m writing this blog to share my story - our story, in hope that maybe others out there who are experiencing the beginning stages of blending a family don’t feel alone.

I’m not an expert. I’m pretty sure I’m messing this up. But I hope you come along for the journey anyways.