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It's Ok if you can't be at every one of your kids events: They'll be fine

Trying to manage the kids’ activities is like trying to juggle while riding the spinning teacups at Disneyland.

In my house, we have three kids within a range of two years. Like a lot of families today, our children might be categorized as “over-programmed."

Most weeks we find ourselves running between competition dance, baseball, basketball, golf (or whatever sport is in season) and piano lessons. We'll even occasionally throw in in a showcase, performance or science fair at school.

We try to monitor this, but frequently an extra lesson or an extra team sneaks in here and there. And, unfortunately, there are just times where events overlap — or we can’t shuffle work around to be somewhere at 3 p.m. on a Tuesday — and we miss their event.

I feel the pang of guilt every time this happens.

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Go Down the Water Slide!

I waited in line patiently after the five-year old in front of me, looked to the life guard for a nod of "okay", and zip, splash, into the water I went. Down the water slide. 
Yes, I was "that" mom, the weird, goofy one who got into the pool with her kids. The mom who did handstands in the deep-end, raced her kids across the pool, threw rings to be found at the bottom, and actually went down the water slide. I was in fact, one of only three moms that got in the pool today. And honestly, I don't totally understand it.

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