A New Image for the StepMom

Ideally one that doesn’t have a magic mirror…


I'd like to refresh the image of the stepmom.  She's not the antagonist of the story.

She's grateful, humble, and strong.  She's not mystified by what she signed on for, because she made a choice, and knew in her choosing this would be a difficult mountain to climb.  She's aware of the loss and heartache that preceded her.  Because there is no step-mom if the first fairy tale didn't end in heartache.   She approaches this with grace, vulnerability, and empathy.  She takes every step to build trust, knowing that trust isn't given quickly, and can be lost in an instant.  She makes mistakes, but openly apologizes, and tries again.  She loves with a different, new kind of love she's never experienced before.  And she gives.  Until there isn't much left.  Sometimes she fades into the background.  Sometimes she is forgotten.  But she perseveres because she has faith.  She believes she was put here for a reason.  Not by accident or fate, but by purpose and design.  


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