We ran a 5k (and we are mommies!), April 2012

Last Saturday my best friend and I ran our first 5k at the Nebraska City, Arbor Day Fun Run. It was a beautiful cool spring morning, and we were pumped. We had trained, which in my case meant squeezing in a run at least once a week, and putting 12 miles plus on the stroller every week walking, and we had encouraged each other leading up to the event by exchanging goofy texts about our times and "competitiveness."

We left Fremont bright and early at 6:30 a.m. and left our sleepy kiddos with the grandmas. Laughing all the way to Nebraska City, I wasn't sure we were going to have any energy left for the run. The trail was fairly difficult, consisting of hills winding through Nebraska State Historic Park. A beautiful view but a challenge when compared with the mountainous terrain of Lincoln and Military streets in flat, flat Fremont.

With energy to burn we began the run chatting and laughing and comparing ourselves to the other "true runners" who actually had gear and brand name spandex. About two miles in it started to sprinkle and we started to wilt. Thankfully things started going downhill in a good way as we begun descending the hills. We rounded one particular corner and a volunteer said, "You are doing great girls, only about 3/4 mile left!" to which Brandi replied "Oh Crap!" We laughed and I breathlessly replied, "We are doing great, AND we are mommies!" a mantra that began when we ran our first Turkey Trot and Frosty Frolic earlier in the year.

It's safe to say that 10 years ago neither of us would have classified ourselves as "athletic" or in my case even in shape. For us high school did not include many team sports, and my particular lack of coordination was better suited for the music department. Nearly 10 years later, I think it's fair to say that we are in really great shape and athleticism is something we can now claim. I don't know why it surprises me so much that this has occurred now, as an adult, after having a child, but I never expected to be healthier today than I was in my teens.

We finished the race right at 32 minutes and 10 seconds and placed 26 and 27 out of 79 women that ran and walked. Personal best times for both of us, and not bad for two beginning runners (and mommies!)