The Call to Courage - Why you need to read and watch Brene' Brown

“Daring Greatly” by Brene’ Brown has sat half-read on my bookshelf for several years. I can’t remember who first recommended the read, but it was right around the time of my divorce. And there’s something about a book written by a woman who is the guru of emotional exposure, vulnerability, and courage that made my skin crawl. I felt like I should read it (enough so that I pressed the buy-in-one-click option), but at that point in my life, I could not bring myself to do it. I was too raw and too worried about my future, and being courageous felt like an option that had been stripped away with the divorce decree. Being in the arena didn’t feel like a place I would ever want to be. Shame was my hiding place. And I put up walls, over walls, to protect myself and keep those feelings inside.

Recently, I’ve been on a bit of a vulnerability tour. After years of hiding and building walls, something unexplainable happened, and I’ve not only taken a wrecking ball to that horrible wall, but I’ve also started to create a garden of vulnerability. Sharing parts of my life with other people. People I know, and people I don’t know. People with opinions. And God forbid, they may not like what I have to share, but I’m sharing it anyway.

Brene’ Brown has recently released a special on Netflix, and it is the best thing I have watched all year. Not only is she sassy and quick-witted, but her wise advice about vulnerability and courage based on years of research struck a chord with me in this new stage of life. This is one of my favorite quotes,

“You do vulnerability or vulnerability does you.” She goes on, “Here’s why we need it. It is so much easier to cause pain than to feel pain. And people are taking their pain, and they’re working it out on other people. And when you don’t acknowledge vulnerability, you work your shit out on other people. Stop working your shit out on other people.”

Yep. I have both done that and received that. Her message is remarkable and has reshaped my thinking of what I put out into the world, and how I want to live my life. You better believe I’m cracking open “Daring Greatly” immediately and soaking up a new vision of what it means to be courageous and live a full life.

If you’re interested in reading her work, she recently tweeted a suggested order of reading that you can find here,