Swimwear I Actually Love...Not a joke.

It’s almost swim season, and if you’re like us it never really ends. When Eric and I got married I inherited a local gym that has an indoor pool. Yea! (Sarcasm.) Eric was a competitive swimmer in his youth, and I sort of doggy paddle. But our kids love the pool. Yea! (Sarcasm.) So I had to step up my suit game. Here are a few I actually like!

  • J.Crew Ruched Femme one-piece, because on more than one occasion I have been 0.002 seconds away from a wardrobe malfunction while one of three kids hangs on me. J.Crew has amazing quality swimwear.

  • Athleta one-piece, I love Athleta too much. I bought a very similar color block suite this past fall for a vacation. This is a great piece if you want to cover some, but not all.

  • Let’s talk swim shorts. I specifically remember my mom shopping for swim shorts before a family vacation as a child and thinking - why? I get it now. Thank you, mama. These Athleta swim shorts are the perfect transition from winter to summer.

  • A few weeks ago the gals at work and I were talking about the pains of swimwear, and decided that we’d be totally chill with a throwback to the 1940s modesty look. I don’t own this (yet) but I love the look of this Athleta swim dress. Functional and flirty.