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Best. Worst. Thankful.

When you're blending a family, you also blend traditions big and small, and the first few weeks I had unrealistic expectations about how meal time would go.  Eventually we settled into a pattern where we all ate at the same time, and roughly the same food.  It took me awhile to figure out that four out of five people will always eat whatever the dish is, but five out of five is just asking for a meltdown - usually mine.  We got through that, but we were still struggling at first with the dynamic of conversation, conflict and competition that came out of three kids trying to share, or not having space to share about their days.

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Will there be a wedding tomorrow?

I had this picture of my "bachelorette" party in my head. (Bachelorette exists in air quotes because I really don't think you get to claim this phrase when it's your second wedding, and certainly not in conjunction to the word "party" when it's daytime and the most scandalous thing about the event is inappropriate cupcakes that your best friend's husband made..)  

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