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A New Image for the Stepmom: Dance Recital Weekend

Across social media there are countless posts of children in tulle, bedazzled leotards, sparkled headbands, and giant bows. Moms and dads post photos as though their children have just opened on Broadway. These proud parents beam with excitement for their little people. And I love this.

But for this stepmom, this ritual of dance recital weekend feels like another reminder that I am not a actually their parent.

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Siri...What's the weather today?

So, like all newlyweds, last night as we were laying in bed my husband and I had a full in-depth conversation about the kids' outerwear and where exactly all their sweatshirts, sweaters, and jackets go. I joked during winter that I had a recurring order with Amazon to send weekly supplies of snow pants, boots and gloves. I think I may have to do the same with sweatshirts.  

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Four Days Maternity Leave

Turns out, there's no "What to Expect, When You're Expecting - a WHOLE NEW FAMILY".  I was good at being pregnant. (One time with my perfect son.  With no morning sickness. And a 45 minute labor...)  I could plan for that.  There were milestones, measurements along the way, checklists and rules.  None of that applies when bringing together two different families in hopes that they become one.  

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Will there be a wedding tomorrow?

I had this picture of my "bachelorette" party in my head. (Bachelorette exists in air quotes because I really don't think you get to claim this phrase when it's your second wedding, and certainly not in conjunction to the word "party" when it's daytime and the most scandalous thing about the event is inappropriate cupcakes that your best friend's husband made..)  

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