Dear Lord, Thank you for my mother-in-laws

Dear Lord,

Please help me to be a good mother-in-law someday. I have been blessed with two good mother-in-laws in my life, and I am so grateful. 

First Lord, thank you for Clara. I took her for granted when I was married to her son, and I’m very sorry for that. I loved her, but I was too young to appreciate her fully.

I owe her so much. She’s always been willing to step in when needed, and literally gave me the opportunity to continue my education with a master’s degree by watching our little boy when he was so young, and I needed to go to weekend class. She always treated me well and, even after divorce, continues to show me love and friendship. She is incredibly self-less, kind, humble beyond measure, and gracious. I’m grateful my son has her as one of his grandmothers.

I’m also so grateful Lord for Suzanne. My husband’s mother is one of the most lovely souls I’ve ever met. Like many of the other women in my life she shows an unconditional love to all around her. She is quick witted, wise, kind, giving, and one of the most caring people on the planet. We’re still forming our relationship, but I trust her so much and appreciate her more than words can describe.

Each of these women did all they could to raise good men and build up their families. That is the strength and dignity that you were talking about in the Proverbs. I’m sure of it.

Lord, as mom to a little boy, I wonder about his future and who will be his wife someday. I pray that you will prepare my heart. That you will help me to be a good example to his future wife, and be prepared to give generously and honestly in the same way I’ve been blessed.

Thank you Lord for these women.