Dear Amazon, Please deliver soup, rain boots, and DayQuil...

Eric and I are "newlyweds." And we are really adorable.  Really.  Every morning we set our alarms 15 minutes early so that we can wake up, just to fall asleep again cuddling.  He makes me coffee and zips my dress.  I tell him that he's handsome and kiss him before work. Awww.  I know.  So darn cute.

So when he got a bad cold I of course said, "Oh honey, it's fine.  You should sleep in bed.  I love you.  Let's cuddle." (And other stupid words I can't remember now.) 

So now I sit at work with a scratchy throat and a sore head.  Praying that Amazon would just make a one-hour delivery service where you could order soup, rain boots, and DayQuil.  To make matters worse, it's raining cats and dogs, and I wore heals that are now sitting underneath my desk stuffed with tissue paper.  And I made a sucky salad before I left the house in a flurry that doesn't resemble soup at all.

I sent Eric a text,

I wish you worked here...

I need someone to bring me soup...

(Yes, that's what our love has gotten to.  Clearly the honeymoon phase is the past, and I just need a delivery service.)

He replied,


I wish I could bring you soup!

(Okay, so maybe it's not totally over.  He's a good one.  But I still need soup.)

*Note, this was written when we were still actually newlyweds. Nearly a year later we’re definitely to solid delivery-service mode.